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Rustic decorating is all the rage lately, the mixture of outdoors woodsy styles with the comfort of an indoor bedroom is becoming more and more popular.

It is a rugged style, full of textures and colors that can look too busy when not done well, but when accomplished with a few coordinating fabrics and sometimes a striking surprize it becomes easy to see why the simple natural lines of rustic furniture and accessores, with their complex textures and striking colors have gained such an avid following.

Natural woods, older surfaces, and a rough style of finish are what look best and pull together a rustic room. The floors will ideally be wood plank but the rustic style bedroom can be pulled off even with carpets, it just takes a bit more work; Toss one or two throw rugs over the top for the layering that works so well in a rustic bedroom, and include more neutrals or natural colors. Browns, deep forest greens, mossy colors and deep reds and golds will serve well in your rustic bedroom, to bring the ambience of an autumn evening with the colors of the outdoors surrounding you.

Some newer furniture such as this, found at Collections Etc, for a more than reasonable price is being made with just this kind of decorating style in mind. When decorating a rustic bedroom you need to include natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes as well as simple lines in your design.

Furniture can be older, scratched and with character, and does not necessarily need to be of the stick or log variety although this does amiplify the look of the rustic decor you are trying to promote.

To make it appear older,when it isn’t, take some deep stain and rub it over some of the older pieces with a paper towel, making a thin and somewhat uneven coat that will appear to be light and shadow, worn areas on the wooden furniture.

To add an even more rustic style to your brand new rustic bedroom, accessorize in a big way.

Artificial resin antler lamps, pine cones stacked in a basket, a wall kerosene lamp and a hanging tin lantern as well as some dried flowers will make the room seem to be out in the middle of the forest in a log cabin, rather than in the city apartment where it can still fit just as well.

You might also like to think about learning to build some of your own twig furniture, which you can find in many good woodworking books and magazines, with instructions to make your own.

Imagine your own rustic retreat, waking up to a room that is so woodsy, you can nearly smell the pine trees that surround you.


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