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Decorative Window Films which are also titled faux stains, or faux stained glass, or frosted window films. A horse, by any other name, so they say.

These are actually frosted or stained glass lookalikes that can be used to add a decorator effect over older, or even newer windows. You will literally be amazed at what they can do for your room and I personally think they wear like iron. Mine look exactly like the real stained glass they are supposed to emulate as you can see by the photo. My kitchen is done in French country, and I* use a lot of grape motif as well as grape vine items. This faux glass works well for the kitchen window, which is very long, nearly from floor to ceiling and not very private. I fixed that issue with a grape motif faux glass on the window, while using a lovely cream brussels lace valance at the top.

They have the advantage of making a window shatter proof, which is wonderful for older, more brittle windows, while they add decorator looks and will also help to hide an older wavy style glass which is unsightly, or to cover up an unpleasant view while leaving the light in place.

They add to your privacy and permit the light to find its way through the film much as it does in real stained glass windows that you see in churches, chapels or more upscale homes.

The decorator window films come in literally hundreds of impressive designs, and are easy to remove in case you change your style, or your mind about keeping the window covered.

They can be customized to your design, or ready made ones used that will afford your window the look of stained, frosted or etched glass for literally a small fraction of the price that you might pay for the real thign, while at the same time offering a bit of additional safety to older more brittle glass.

Installation is remarkable fast to do and very easy to accomplish and you will be more than capable of applying them yourself if you can use tape or decals.

Low cost and high decorating impact’

Easy to trim using a razor blade or scissors so that they will fit any window without a lot of fussing and bother.

Sold by the running yard (3 ft) or by the running foot. If you think you need a bit more than just that 1 yard the design will come shipped in ONE CONTINUOUS ROLL so that it is repeating and can be used on nearly any type of glass!

Decorative window film can be used on :

glass and mirrors.

Plexiglass (will become permanently stuck)
The outside of your shower

Entry doors
Side lights
Glass cabinets

arched or specialty windows and door glass


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