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When you are thinking about accessories for your walls, don’t limit yourself to accepted norms, but instead, explore your options and move beyond the obvious and into the amazing.

Framed for display some often humble household objects can take on a new life, and small objects, mementos, heirlooms or something else entirely might take on a whole new life as a wall ornament.

Framed wall art can be, and should be far more than just a photo or a picture.

You might frame a single object, such as your grandmothers antique fan, or a fragment of an old quilt or piece of hand made lace.

You might also try a grouping of objects such as the antique flies from your grandfathers fishing tackle or old pearl buttons or even vintage labels or bottle caps.

The key to making a success of this will depend a great deal on how they are arranged and mounted.

Buttons can be grouped into a fanciful cluster that looks like grapes, while a dainty old handkerchief can be show against abed of black velvet.

Mount your items securely on a mat, or a fabric background that is done using fine sewing thread or fishing line so that it remains nearly invisible against the background.

If you are concerned about lowering the value of some of the pieces or damaging them, take it to a professional framer who will advise you on the best techniques and methods to mount and frame your collection.


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