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The Beginner’s Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui, the art of placement, dates back thousands of years to China. The term translates as wind and water, which ties to the focus this system puts on having a flow of energy in any living space. This is not a faith-based system, but rather a philosophy and methodology of arranging our homes in such a way as to promote joy, prosperity, health and longevity, all of which sounds great to me!

Before sharing some basics, I’d like you to know that working with Feng Shui doesn’t mean you have to invest a lot of money, nor do you have to conform to every Feng Shui idea with which you’re presented. For one, not all suggested approaches will work in all homes! For another, if you’re stressing over making dozens of changes it kind of undermines the whole purpose, right? So, my first bit of advice is to relax. Find the parts of the Feng Shui philosophy that suit your home and lifestyle, and be mindful in making those alterations.

In Feng Shui each room and each directional area of a room have keynote elements and lucky colors as follows:
– center (sometimes the kitchen) is earth oriented. Use yellows and earth tones here
– north – reputation. The fire element. Reds, oranges
– north east – love and marriage. Another earth element. Supportive colors are pink, white and red
– east – creativity and children. Silver is the element here, supported by metals, whites and pastels
– south east – travel and support systems: Metal is the element supported by white and gray
– south – career: Water is the element here, supported by blues and greens
– south west – knowledge and learning; Earth is the element supported by black, blue and green (give your knowledge roots!)
– west – health and family. Wood is the element and the supportive colors are blue and green
– north west – wealth and prosperity. Wood is the element here and the best colors are purple, red and blue.

This may sound very complex but it’s really not. For example, I might put a picture of my children in the Eastern portion of a room to celebrate them, tucked neatly into a silver frame! Or, when I’m looking for a new job, leave my resume in the South or North West of my office in a red folder. See?

Overall I think the largest lesson of Feng Shui is simplicity and attention to de-cluttering spaces so people can breath. Interestingly enough, many of the concepts of Feng Shui are also part of Western interior design basics, so they work together relatively well. The overall goal of Feng Shui is creating a balanced living environment where energy flows in the best possible direction, thereby making all of life a little nicer.


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