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Because the bedroom isn’t often seen by visitors, may homeowners leave its redecoration on the low end of the household priorities. However, there are a lot of advantages to a bedroom makeover, not the least of which is being more comfortable and having that room feel more relaxing.

So how do you go about re-creating your bedroom space so it’s warm, cozy, comfortable and welcoming? Also how do you integrate all that ambiance without loosing functionality (like good storage space)? Step one is simply knowing yourself and your tastes. If you think about those things that help you de-stress, and give you an immediate “ahhhh” reaction, you’re on the right track. Use those ideas as your decorating theme!

As with any bedroom the bed is the star of the show. Different beds and bedding sets have completely different feels, however. For example, if you don’t like to feel boxed in a canopy bed isn’t really for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for that romantic flair with an airy playfulness, canopy beds are perfect. To whatever bed you choose, you’ll need to match linens, pillows, shams, etc. One suggestion: spend a little more on sheets and soft blankets – good linens really make a difference in comfort.

If you’re thinking of repainting, don’t go crazy with too much color. The brighter the hue, the more intense the energy, and this is where you want to unwind. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t add vibrant highlights through pillows, art, and nick knacks. You can also add wallpaper trim with color and visuals that tie into your theme.

As for furniture, in small bedrooms less is better. Over-crowded spaces aren’t really friendly or relaxing. In fact, you may find they remind you of work more than sleep. While you’re looking at furniture don’t forget window treatments. You want privacy but try not to block all the air, and give yourself the ability to “let the sun shine in” when you wish by using adjustable pieces. There is no question that natural light in various amounts is a great benefit to any living space, as will some well-chosen lamps.

Finally, if you have hardwood floors think about a soft throw rug especially if you live in a four season environment. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a cold floor on a winter morning (makes you want to jump back in bed). The additional benefit is that it protects the hard wood from scratches and extends the time between refinishing.


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