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Shower curtains offer an inexpensive and dramatic way to make a statement in your bathroom. They present a blank canvas on which color, theme, texture, and value can open up a small space, create depth, or draw your eye to a bold focal point. Whether you are trying to extend a theme from another room, create a splash of color, or just make a small space appear larger, the right shower curtain can easily become the most important design element in your bathroom.

Shower curtains are now available in a dizzying number of designs, materials, and shapes. Gone are the days of the bland rectangle, and that’s not all. Ubiquitous plastic shower curtain rings have been supplanted by designer rings, hooks, and ovals that can be brightly colored or decorated with their own themes and designs. Available in metal, or surrounded with sparkling beads, they can work in concert with your shower curtain to create a finished, professional look.

If you want to show off your tub, surround it with split panels and tie backs to create the impression of fine drapes. For those with collections to show off, shower curtains with small pockets in sheer materials can showcase dried leaves, shells, or curios. Quilted shower curtains can bring county charm into your bathroom while providing dramatic imagery and handmade appeal.

Available in clear plastic, 100% cotton, metallics, or synthetics designed to look like watered silks, velvet, or even burlap, you can find almost any visual element or texture you desire. The days when people longed for shower doors have given way to an increased interest in the versatility of shower curtains.

As an indulgence, they are relatively inexpensive for the dynamic impact they have in your bathroom. They can be changed out easily to reflect seasonal changes, or even holidays. Plastic shower curtains resist yellowing, and can be protected against water spots. Cloth shower curtains can generally be washed with your other laundry, are preshrunk, and resist fading and wrinkling.

Themes are very common, and the many manufacturers and styles available make it easy to create a unique look. If you are interested in lighthouses, you can find dozens of lighthouse themed shower curtains. If your passion is cars, you only need to decide about make and model. Whether your passion is planes, trains, ocean life, birds, bears, or bunnies you can find an assortment of shower curtains in different styles and colors to suit your mood and decor. The addition of curtain rings decorated with cars, fish, turtles, ballerinas or cartoon figures, can complete the effect you want and make your bathroom look as though you spent months decorating, when actually you spent minutes.

Shower curtains offer a designer bonus because they can easily and inexpensively transform a space. Whether you want to recreate the ocean floor for your son’s bathroom, want ballerinas dancing in midair to delight your daughter’s bath time, or want to create the sparkle of silk to enhance your marble vanity, specialty shower curtains have the dynamic impact you are looking for.

The next time you walk into your bathroom, look at the walls, woodwork, and enamel; check the tub enclosure and floor. Imagine pulling all of those elements together into an attractive whole with one inexpensive addition, and you will understand the power of using a decorative shower curtain to transform your bathroom.


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