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The nursery will be the first thing that your newborn remembers as he or she grows, and it will be a place that will make wonderful memories for you too and decorating it will be one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences you have ever known.

In the nursery we did for my granddaughter, it was a joint effort between my daughter in law and myself, painting Dora murals and finding just the right furniture.

For the second, no one knew the child’s sex, but we had just as much fun as we did with the first.

Pale green walls and stars that looked to be stitched onto the wall in shades of pink, blue and yellow marched around the room.

Frogs hopped across the floor and rabbits played on the rugs.

Some of the most perfect furniture touches we’d ever seen that matched exactly what we wanted to do with the rooms was found at
Distinctive Nurseries.

Your baby will know his bassinet as the first bed he or she ever lays in. The bassinet and linens are something you will want to select carefully, and in colors to match or coordinate with the nursery decorating theme or color scheme.

A few things no nursery should be without:

A rocker, or glider, where your memories will begin with you gently rocking your baby to sleep, or holding him for that last little cuddle before bedtime.

A comfortable chair is very important in any nursery.

A table or table and chairs, which may not be used immediately, but in the very near future will see your child seated there coloring, having a tea party or just day dreaming.

A toy chest, preferably with a padded top, that doubles as a bench seat, but at the least protects a toddler from injury if there is a fall in the nursery.

A changing table that will allow you to stand and put your baby at a comfortable height to change and dress them.

A few additional touches will be a diaper holder for the wall, perhaps a foot stool for the front of the rocker or chair, to enable you to put your feet up and be comfortable while you sit.

A few scatter rugs to inject some color and a touch of whimsy into the nursery.

One tip is to purchase things for the nursery that will change and grow with your child.’
They may not, presently need that full sized toy box with the

padded top, but in a short year, they will have accumulated enough in the line of play things that it won’t seem so out of place anymore.

Even if you are working on a budget there are some wonderful ways to add style and color to your childs first room.
Be creative and more than anything else, don’t make the nursery decorating a chore, but a pleasure instead.

This is the first of many happy memories you will build that involve your little one.


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