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Trying for a new look to your living room? Do you want something that will attract real attention yet be a comfortable easy place to entertain and look light and airy regardless of where your home is located?

Try a Garden style living room, using plenty of whites, creams and wood.

it will be formal looking yet casual, light and evoke a sense of nature and the outdoors while sitting inside..


Use earthy color hues for the walls, such as , beige, tan, pale moss green . Use the earthy color as your main color and then use both matching and contrasting colors for accent.


You may choose to use dark colored wicker in your living room, or perhaps a wooden daybed type furniture.
Selecting something that looks older, perhaps a bit weathered will fit the garden style well.

There are some lovely pieces for sale in the autumn. A particular favorite area of mine to shop is Wicker Furniture.Com

Paint an outdoor mural, ferns or flowers, perhaps above the area where your main seating piece is arranged.
It can be simple, or very formal, thats your choice, but be sure that outside elements such as perhaps ferns, violets or trees are incorporated into it. In many cases a local campus will know of someone who might be suitable to paint the mural or failing that, there are literally hundreds of the ready made wallpaper variety out there just waiting for you to use them.


Select a tan or light colored area rug for the center of the room, perhaps one of the sisal variety that are sold for patios, which also incorporate ferns or woodsy prints.

Coffee and End Tables

If you choose wicker furniture, choose coffee and end tables that match. If you choose a garden bench and wooden furniture, consider a heavy wooden coffee table, possibly one made from a slab or a bench painted and stenciled to match the rug it may site on.. add a few miniature childrens wooden pieces as well for whimsy.

Window Dressings

You can add window dressings to your windows or leave them bare. Leaving windows bare takes the edge off of the separation between indoors and outdoors. If you choose to use curtains or drapes, choose a light gauzy material that will blend well into the room and lessen the separation between the living room and the outside.
draw them back during the day with a curtain hook made of wood or some other natural material at each side of the window.

A great choice for lamps will be wrought iron, or glass, with simple shading, or hanging glass lamps.. w

Wall dĩcor can consist of a wall fountain or wall scones.

Dried or potted flowers, dried herbs of a tall wicker vase filled with oversized branches, with perhaps some small cordless lights adorning them to add interest in the evening time.

Wildlife or floral figurines will suit this type decorating well and blend into the overall outside scheme.

Don’t forget plenty of potted plants, perhaps a corner table that houses some ferns or african violets.

This really will bring the outdoors inside and will brighten your mood as well as your home.

And don’t be limited by articles or ideas others may offer you.. Bring your own idea of a wooded garden inside, using your imagination and talents to end up with results that will delight you.


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