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A child’s room should be, not just a place to sleep, but their own haven. A place to play and to work… aswell as to dream.

It should have a little whimsy and a lot of fantasy, where lovely things happen and he or she can imagine their way to adulthood.

This room, made for a little boy, incorporates a little boys love of things that move.

A child’s room needs extra storage space, and to take full advantage of the floor room so there is a place to play. The car organizer on the wall is made to hold small toy cars such as the die cast models, while the caboose on the ground is extra seating for friends, built as it is of sturdy wood, and opens to reveal storage for those special toys.

A child’s room, as well as being bright and airy, needs to be durable and easy, so that fingerprints don’t damage a wall or foot-tracks ruin a carpet, and its requires us to be aware that we can’t, and actually shouldn’t limit them stringently in their own space, by adding a cream colored carpet that we may love, but simply isn’t practical.

The hardwood flooring is an easy care solution to little footprints, while the wipe clean vinyl wall covering will easily wipe clean of mishaps with a crayon or a chocolate bar.

The center of the floor boasts a room softener in the guise of the braided rug.

The country bedroom for a child is both practical as well as attractive, with its stripes and train borders that will see him dreaming of being the engineer on a locomotive.

As you can see, this little boys room is practicality and big style combined.


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