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One sure way to lower your electric utility costs is to increase your overall lighting efficiency and by doing so, this will lessen the use of electricity in your home.
Replacement of about a forth of the lights in your home with energy efficient lighting, or fluorescent bulbs in the areas where you most often use lights on in the evening will save you nearly half of what you normally pay per month in your utility bill if it is done strategically.

Inside the home, using fluorescent bulbs and lamps in your house will give you very nicely lit areas that are far more efficient to use and will light up your home a great deal better than those incandescent bulbs which burn hotter and cost more to burn. While many do not care for the light that it used to produce, the days of the yellowed color of the fluorescent bulbs have by and large ended, and most of the more upscale fluorescent bulbs do produce a bright white light.

While the cost is a bit higher for these bulbs they do last a great deal longer and will pay for themselves within a month of your beginning to use them by costing a lot less to burn.

A few tips to help you save energy and money are:

*Turn off the lights in rooms you are not using currently, or perhaps install a timer or sensor to adjust the light when someone enters or exits the rooml

**Use lighting that is oriented to where you are, or to the task you are currently involved with, instead of lighting the whole room. THis will focus the lights exactly where you need them, such as over a sink or on a chair where you normally read.

**Try three way lamps which will help you to keep your light levels lessened when you are not using them for an actual chore.

**Try using the smaller four or ten watt fluorescent light as a night light. They will be more energy efficient and safer as they burn cooler than the incandescent variety.

**Use the fluorescent fixtures which provide you with a reflective background and ballast when you are working in a workroom or other area where they would be appropriate.

Compact fluorescent bults are nearly five times more energy efficient and light far better than any incandescent bulbs . Brighter light and lower costs is a combination that you truly can’t pass up..

** take full advantage of natural light by using lighter coloring in your curtains and drapes, or by the use of draw back drapes to permit the daylight to enter your rooms during the day, preventing the need for lights to be on.

You can find a ton of great information on saving money and energy too at the Energy Star site.


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