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Curtains will make or break a room, and can be the focal point, causing the window to be the center of attention or drawing the attention away from it.

They can formalize a room, such as with pinch pleated draperies, or make it more informal and more modern looking such as with tab top curtains, that can be made with any weight material from heavy velvet to lightweight cotton, to canvas.

There are many types or curtains that you can select from, depending on the look you want for your rooms.

Tab Top Curtains are essentially straight curtains, which are placed onto the rod with tabs sewn at the top.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe Curtains are an ideal and inexpensive way to offer privacy in a home by covering the lower parts of the window. They are perfect in any room, depending of course on the fabric, but are wonderful in the kitchen, when topped by alovely valance.

Tier Curtains are also straight curtains, minus pleats, however they are usually fitted with higher headers on the top that create a ruffling effect which is perfect in a bedroom, living room or dining room. While they will fit in the kitchen they are usually at least 63 inches long, which may make the less practical for use in the kitchen.

Priscillas are normally drawn back, and have ruffles attached so that a crossed or draped effect is achieved, and normally are at least 63 inches, or floor lengthy

Priscilla Curtains

Drawn back at the center of the curtain to make a draping effect, they are essentially floor length tier curtains.

Valances are shorter curtains, that normally will cover onjly the upper aspect of a top window. They are used with either cafe curtains or with blinds or tiers beneath or below them and are wonderful additions to a bath or kitchen.


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