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This cross stitched Christmas ornament was adapted from a bell pull pattern by Jane Greenhoff, who has some of the most incredible British cross stitch designs on the market.

I adapted this one to change just a few things to make it for my Christmas tree, stitched it in a heart shape and then filled with batting and backed with a red felt back and banded the outsides with deep green cord.

It became a favorite of everyone and I’ve since done four more to give to family and friends at their request.

If you aren’t familiar with cross stitch, you will want to use aida cloth for this one

Begin stitching from right to left making diagonal stitches and stitch all of one color, before beginning left to right, to go back and make the x over the top, before moving to another color.

carrying the floss for short distances behind the fabric won’t hurt a thing as this one won’t have a back that is visible.

I used DMC colors to stitch the chart, in colors


727 Yellow

743 orange gold



605 pink

3364 moss green

772-light green

936 forest green

3350 mauve

335 dark pink

898 brown

433 light brown

304 burgundy





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