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When I first decided to garden regularly, I had no idea what I would need. Walking into any greenhouse, nursery or home center with gardening supplies was overwhelming. Bags and bundles, seeds and shovels, all manner of fertilizer. it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s look at the fundamentals.

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools
It’s highly recommended that you get some type of weed control for your garden. Hands work wonderfully, but landscaping fabric often eliminates the need for weeding over several growing season. It’s not expensive, and can be easily hidden with stone, wood shavings, or another commercial product that accents your efforts. For busy green thumbs I cannot recommend this strongly enough. Also get a hoe. This helps with planting, and if a stray weed gets through you’ll have a good tool to get at their roots.

Speaking of planting, a shovel and trowel both come in handy. The shovel moves soil effectively. Trowels let you make nice rows for planting seeds or putting in seedlings for any gardening pattern. In getting a shovel, pick one with a handle long enough for you to use comfortably. Also look for one with a nice grip (wooden handles are tough on your hands). Speaking of which, don’t neglect getting a couple pairs of gardening gloves. Inevitably one will get soaked or really dirty and you’ll need a back up. These protect your hands from a lot of ware and tear.

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools
Depending on what you sow, you may need pruning shears and/or bush trimmers. In both cases, you want something that you can handle safely. If it’s too big or too heavy, you’re not going to be happy and it’s going to be very hard to get satisfactory results from the tools. A narrow rake is also a really good investment. This helps you clean up after pruning/trimming, and also clean up the garden in spring and fall. You don’t want a rake that you’d normally use on the lawn. These are unwieldy in a smaller space with more plants around which to move.

Speaking of moving, for heavier gardening and landscaping you may want to consider one good wheelbarrow. This piece of equipment saves time and a lot of excess manpower. Moving soil, stone, plants, etc. all becomes much easier using the cart. Additionally, don’t forget a hose with adjustable head. Depending on the weather you’re going to need to get to plants throughout your yard, so consider the length accordingly.

As you shop, try to find items with at least one-year warrantee and save your receipt. Sometimes hand tools have faults in them and they break. The receipt speeds up replacements. Finally, once you’ve purchased your first gardening kit, don’t forget to clean off your tools after every use and put them away. Wooden handled items benefit from being oiled, as do the metal parts on hand tools, and check your tools every season for any loose parts that are easily tightened with a screw driver.


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