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In ancient times the kitchen was usually the first room in any home built. The word hearth bears a similarity to heart for a good reason – this is the region around which all family life centered for thousands of years. From morning lessons and darning socks to meals and holiday feasts, the warmth of the kitchen was nigh unto sacred. In fact, some people believed that if the fire in one’s hearth went out, love would be lost in the home!With that in mind, let’s consider what we can do in our kitchen to encourage the very best energies for health, peace, joy and wealth. But where to begin? Well, at the hearth of course! If possible its best for your stove to face an opening to your kitchen so that the cook can greet anyone coming in, almost like being the conductor of a great edible symphony.

By the way, Feng Shui experts tell us that old fashioned slow cooking is better for the home too! Again, this is a reminder of being mindful (or as my mother said: never cook when you’re angry).

If that’s not possible, then having some type of reflective surface by the stove helps create that illusion. Or, if you’re doing some home remodeling, putting the stove in a central island also does the trick quite nicely. I’ve often wished we had space for one of these, because they really encourage a group atmosphere.

Ok, step two is all about lighting. There’s no question that fluorescent lights are harsh, and in my opinion the really bright ones increase stress levels. Nonetheless, it’s not really practicable to cook by candlelight all the time! So consider a blend of natural lighting (windows) with either adjustable light fixtures or even perhaps “green” bulbs which give off a full lighting spectrum.

Step three is maintenance. Like every other room in the house, keeping the kitchen free of clutter and dirt is important (not only in Feng Shui but also from a health standpoint). I often put kitchen utensils and appliances that are used infrequently under the cupboard so that the finished appearance is open and refreshing. It’s also good to add this minimalist touch to cupboards when time allows so that every inch of your kitchen supports good chi.

Finally living plants in a kitchen are a great touch, especially aromatic herbs that you can cook with. The plants symbolize growing love and stability, and help with your culinary efforts too!


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