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Next to the kitchen as the heart of any home, the Dining Room ranks highly as an important element for family. Togetherness and entertaining guests is the purpose of the dining room. In many cultures sitting around a table was one way of building bridges to support community ties. A great many of life’s most memorable moments happen in this room, so why not look to the Ancient Art of Placement to help us create the best ambiance possible?

In the Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui, I mentioned that Feng Shui need not be overly complex.

To me, it all boils down to making people comfortable, and being mindful of your space, the use of colors, and the overall traffic flow. This is doubly important in our modern, hectic lives were the table may be the only moment we have to reconnect.

Here are some basic helps and hints. Remember you need not use all of them, but use those that work for your home and dining space:

– If you have a small dining room avoid dark wood and large chairs. It’s important that people are able to move through the room, not wiggle around it.

– Centerpieces are nice, but keep them low to the table so family and guests alike can make eye contact and pass food easily.

– Crystal is considered a great carrier for chi (life energy). Put a little sun catcher in the middle of your room, or have it as part of the centerpiece to refocus everyone on healthy choices.

– If you have mirrors in this room, see if they can be aimed toward the table. It’s said this increases your providence and prosperity.

– A good rug under your table will absorb excess white noise so you can hear each other more clearly.

– Stick with gentle lighting when practicable (either candles or a light that’s got a dimmer switch).

– For togetherness use one-piece tablecloths rather than individual placemats.

– For conversations use an oval or circular table.

– To honor a guest, sit them facing the door.

Finally, while its somewhat gone out of custom, it’s nice to have a moment before meals.

Whether its to offer a prayer, say something nice to each other, have a silent memory, or to share your thankfulness for blessings, stop for just a moment and really breath in the ambiance. Over time, you’ll begin to notice a big difference in how meal times transpire!


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