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While we may not spend many waking hours in the bedroom, we certainly pass a fair amount of our life here.

From a Feng Shui perspective it’s important for us to feel wholly ourselves in this space, even if we are asleep. Bedrooms embrace several aspects of our life including rest, passion, preparing for our days and gearing down afterward. So what’s the best way to promote energy to support all those goals?

First, experts recommend that you avoid as much technology as possible in this space, along with anything that reminds you of work or stressful issues.

High-energy colors are also not a good idea for “gearing down” – rather you want something neutral with various accents of color to suit any time of day. Similarly consider the art and imagery placed in this space – let it represent your best hopes and wishes for now and the future, not negative things from the past.

Second, whenever possible open windows and give the room fresh air.

If you’re in a very hot environment where air conditioning is necessary, an air purifier is one solution. Opening the windows also lets in light, which you can vary according to the time of day and your mood. By night, self-enclosed candles are a great soothing light source but it’s very important (obviously) to make sure they’re blown out before you go to sleep.

Other tips for this space include:

– keeping at least two sides of the bed fully accessible
– getting good quality bedding in which you’re comfortable
– place the bed away from doors to you don’t get too much energy (this can cause difficulty sleeping)
– if you must have business items in the bedroom try to partition them off in some way while sleeping. You can reopen that space in the morning.

Last but not least, if you have trouble sleeping also try covering any mirrors in the room.

Some people feel this acts like an open spiritual door.

This concept is actually a very old one that emerges in several cultural settings and ties into the folklore of mirrors. Some experts suggest that if the mirror is small enough simply move it so it faces outward in a window.

In this position it can turn away any negative chi that might disrupt a sound sleep.

Pleasant dreams!


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