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The living room is well named. This is the room to which well-fed children and mates retire for conversation, games, TV, music or whatever. Its the room into which we typically welcome guests once past the threshold. So, the overall look and feel of this space is important to a healthy, happy home.

Begin your efforts by looking at the sofa. This piece of furniture should face the door(s) at least in part. Turning it away from doors tends to make people uneasy. In terms of accompanying chairs, if practicable they too should face the entryway to the room, and make an oval shape inside the room rather than hard corners. This circle naturally encourages conversation, and puts everyone on an even level similarly to a circular table.

In the modern home, TVs tend to be central to living rooms, however Feng Shui experts suggest it not be the focus on this space. In fact a wood burning stove or fireplace is a much better center, stressing warmth. I have to agree. As a parent I feel moving the TV also decreases the fixation factor and increases family interaction.

For lighting, try to space out lamps. Dark corners in a living room decrease the flow of chi and make the room feel less welcoming. Additionally, keep furniture to a minimum for the space. Again, this gives any room a sense of being bigger, more airy, and therefore more relaxing. When people feel like they’re sitting on top of each other, it doesn’t matter how comfortable the furniture! If you have little choice, add a good sized mirror to make the room feel bigger.

Other good accents for the Feng Shui living room include soft floor pillows. These let people move into and out of various micro-spaces in the living room for small group conversation. Bring in fresh plants, and as with every other space keep the doorways free of clutter as this blocks light, air, and positive chi into that space.


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