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Country decorating is among the easiest to accomplish, the most and the most fun style. It lends itself just as well to a city apartment or a log home as it does to a farm house in the country.

The overall tone of the room is quiet romance, with a softness that makes it an easy place to relax.

Your country bedroom will give you a quiet sanctuary, a place to lounge with a book as well as spend a night in cozy romantic comfort.

This country bedroom features, among other things, a quilt, which is a near prerequisite for a country style decorated bedroom, but it also adds a bit of romance in the lacy accessories, as well as some whimsy in the guise of the soft sculpure animals that sit around the room for the holidays.

The pine and plaid which wraps the poles can be replaced with ivy and pastel ribbon for spring and summer months.

The room’s soft look and romantic appeal is further enhanced by the touches of deep red in the quilt, which also lends a tone of elegance to the room, and on the hand made floor rug and chair cushions which can be easily accomplished by braiding scraps of a country print cloth and stitching them together. The rug can take any shape, from oval to heart shaped, and can be as easily crocheted using a large hook as it can be braided.

Deep forest green lace curtains veil the light rather than block it, with the sunshine filtering through the lace softening the rooms look. The look of the embossed glass can be achieved by etching your own, using etching cream, or by the purchase of some of the newer press on stained glass or embossed window panes films that are available at nearly any decorating store.

Pillows pillow pillows are tossed here and there at the head of the bed, creamy lace further adding to the romantic appeal of the room.

With a little creativity and a few country prints, you can make the pillows that top the bedding, using preformed pillow forms and simple sewing techniques.

Make a square or oval pillow by simply cutting a square of two pieces of country print fabric. Lay the right sides together and sew around them leaving an opening to add your pillow form or fiberfill. Turn the pillow cover right side out. Stuff it with the form, tuck the edges in and stitch closed. Embellish with ribbons, bows, perhaps some wooden buttons in fanciful shapes.

Country decorating should be fun and easy and the solutions to creating the country style accessories is definitely that, when you take the time to do it yourself.


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