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Remind a friend of the afternoon that you spent at the beach, or a fun picnic with candles made from seashells.

They aren’t at all difficult to make and they are a small but thoughtful gift thats suitable for any time.

All you will need to do the job is a bowl with some sand or rice in it, a few ounces of parafin wax, a couple of tea lights and some seashells.

Carefully take the bottom metal piece that holds the wick out of the tea light and sit it into the seashell.

Set the seashell into the bowl of rice or sand so that it balances well.

cut the wax carefully into small pieces and place in a glass measuring cup.

Melt it on medium power for about a‚ 4 minutes and then remove from microwave very carefully, using a pot holder or oven mitt as the glass will be hot.

Take great care not to touch or spill the hot parafin on yourself as it will stick and continue to burn.

IF you would like color to be added to your sea shell candles, a crayon of the color you desire can be added to the wax as it melts and then stirred prior to pouring the candle..

Pour it carefully into the seashells filling them to just near the top.

Give them about an hour to harden completely prior to wrapping them.

Some variations of the same gift might be to fill a hurricane lamp about half full with sand and sea shells, and insert a candle into the center of the sand, allowing the sand to hold it upright.


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