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I love country and rustic decorating primarily because they are so casual and free form.

They make a home look homier and let you use little touches here and there that are a lot less structured than other styles of decorating. While it uses that more informal style, it still requires an understanding of the basic elements of good interior design, such as color, pattern and texture.

Color plays the most significant part in decorating, so far as I am concerned, because it defines so much. Not only because people respond to it, but also because it can be used to unify furnishings such as sofa and chair that are not the same colors, and they also will help to set an overall tone for the room.. define the look and feel of it.

Your color preferences will affect your choice of furniture, pillows and fabrics as well as other accessories.

Not only will the colors that you select have a strong visual impact, but they can also be used to set a certain mood, or to evoke a certain historical period.

The example here illustrates the use of color to gain the recall of certain time periods in history.

This is a farm house in the midwest whose owners wanted it to look more early American in nature. They selected various shades of green and gold, which was very popular in decorating over the second half of the 18th century in America. For the woodwork as well as the mantle you can see they went a shade darker in the green and muted it a bit, which drew the eye to the wainscoating and woodwork, which they further used as a focal point by adding the subtle stenciling along the edging of the room.

The upholstery fabric they selected coordinates with the period’s color scheme and the fabric on the wing chair at the right of the photo isin fact a reproduction of a fabric from that time period that was popular then. For contrast they used a camel sofa that is covered in a flame stitch fabric, that echoes the colors in the room.

The darker color on the sofa is indigo, a type of dye that was widely used in that time span.

All in all the colors they chose are really what brings you to see the room as early American, since in fact only part of the furnishings are actually antique in nature. It was their skillful use of the colors of the time period that makes the home seem so much a part of the time period they are trying to portray.

The same colors and methods can be achieved for your room, choosing colors such as those which Heritage Village Colors Paints produces for this type redecorating.


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