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Country style decorating has been popular for many years, and in fact is a hodge podge mixture of style that are laid back and easy, incorporating fun print fabrics, elements of rustic decorating as well as some that might be seen as luxury or elegant.

Quilts, log or rustic furniture as well as ruffles, lace, stuffed animals and baskets all fit well into the country decorating theme.

We repeatedly see people asking how to incorporate those things into a bathroom to create a country bath.

In country decorating there is a certain element of “more is better” so that it may if we aren’t careful, come out looking cluttered or over done.

In a bathroom, having room, yet also having those little extras is important.

The image below is just about a perfect mixture of the country decorated bath.

Some of the accessories that are viewable here are easily accomplished for yourself, and we will pass along some of the instructions .

For the Towels, a simple row of cotton lace is seated beneath a strip of velvet ribbon on one end and sewed by machine or by hand.

The stenciled rug is nothing more than a purchased plaid rug, which is stenciled with Deltas Fabric paint, using a heart motif.

The greenery pots seen on the counter and toilet tank are inexpensive clay pots, embellished with paint and fitted with satin flowers or artificial greenery depending on the season.

The tank cover is a cotton cover, which has been appliqued with a Dresden plate quilt motif.

Decorating in country style is easily accomplished for the true do it yourselfer in that nearly anything goes, including the collections of old things such as watering cans or doorknobs, which will fit in nicely.

Country is an amiable, easy decorating style. Whatever else it is, it should be fun, both to accomplish and to live with.


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