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These candle chandeliers make the perfect gift and are lovely when hung above a table or over an end table.
The candle chandelier uses inexpensive parts to make and take less than an hour to put together, making them a thoughtful, yet easy gift to make for a candle lover.

Make one for yourself while you’re at it, to light up your own holidays or special occasion meals. The hanging candle holder is a perfect part of your rustic decorating scheme or a great fit with your country decorating accessories.

To Make the Hanging Candle Holder you will need:
2 flan or tart rings (easily found at baking stores or online at the link provided) one 10 inches in diameter and one 7 inches.
tape measure
awl or tin punch
green ceramcoat paint
thin card stock
9 small glasses or candle cups(make sure that they have a lip, or an edge at the top of them which will help hold them rusted tin sheets
tin snips
protective gloves
18 brass paper fasteners
epoxy adhesive
metal chains, brass or rusted metal (easy to find, sold by the foot at Menards or Home Depot)
wire cutters
10 s link hooks
9 tea-light candlesMeasure the circumference of the larger ring and divide it into sections (six equal ones) marking each one with a line. Make a hole on each side of each line. Do the same with the smaller ring, but make only 3 pairs of holes and divide it into only three sections.

Paint both rings inside and outside with a dark green or another color of your choice using a paint that is water based in nature if you prefer and leave the paint to dry thoroughly.

Make holes to hang the chains on. Punch three holes of equal distance close to the top of the edge of the smaller ring, and three more directly below them, closer to the bottom edge. of the ring. Punch one set of three holes at the upper edge of the bottom ring, omitting the lower set unless you would like to add some hanging decorations.

To make the holders that will hold your candle holders in place, make a template from the card stock for the tin bands that will hold them. For candle glasses with a 7 inch diameter you will need to make them about 8 or 8 and one half inches long, and they should be about 3/4 or 1 inch in width. Cut nine of these bands, out of tin.

It is advised that you use protective gloves as the metal becomes quite sharp when it is cut. If you want to prevent the metal edges from staying sharp, coat them with varnish, or sand them lightly on the edges with an emery board or fine sand paper.

Make a hole with your awl or punch at the end of each piece of the cut tin. The hole should be about 3/4 of an inch from the end of the piece and it should be centered so they lay straight on the hoops. bend the band of metal over where it will be attached and then curve the central part so that it will shape to the glass you are using to hold your candle holders.

Place one of the bands over a pair of the holes on the larger of the two rings. Apply a drop of epoxy to the underside of the band where it will press against the hoop. Push the paper fastener through both holes ( the one in the band and the one in the hoop) and flatten it down on the inside of the hoop.

Check a glass to make sure it is a sturdy hold and that they will not slip through before continuing to add the other candle holders in the same way.

Cut three equal lengths of your chain, and attach an s ring or hook at each end of the chain. Attach the chains to the three holes on the top rim of the larger ring and connect the other end to the lower set of holes on the small ring.

Take another three lengths of chain and attach to the top set of holes, making sure that the link count in each chain is even.

Attach a ring, or s hook to the top to bind the three chains together. Then add a length of chain, usually about six inches at the top s hook to hang from the ceiling.

Paint over the inside of your hoops again to cover the fasteners and add your tea lights.

Make sure that your country decorating candle holder will hang at least two feet from the ceiling, to prevent making it a fire hazard.

NEVER leave a candle burn unattended.

(Warning: The crafts on this site can in fact cause some level of injury such as cuts or burns. We are not and will not be responsible for your injury while making this craft. Please take all safety precautions when using tools and sharp objects)


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