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Beautiful table decorations featuring candles and country elements are not at all difficult to put together if you spend just a few minutes of time on them. Candle wreaths are a favorite of country decorating themes and add some real spice to the table setting.

This one, fashioned of a grapevine wreath base is perfect for Thanksgiving or for Christmas when you add in a few deeper colored reds or greens. You might also consider some bows or ribbons made of an outdoorsy type flannel or velvet to scatter over the candle wreath.

To make the country candle wreath you will need:

Grapevine or straw wreath

glue gun and glue sticks

small pieces of foam

4 small terra cotta pots

sphagnum moss

silver wire

dried oak leaves or maple leaves


dried tree fungus

dried eucalyptus pods

pine cones

dark green moss

floral pins

4 candles

Taking the grapevine wreath, hot glue each of the four pots to it, spacing them as evenly as possible and finding a spot where they will sit as level as possible. If this is difficult, use a piece of cardboard or foam, and glue that to the wreath, then glue the pot to the foam.

Cover the spacing in between the pots with plenty of the sphagnum moss, holding it in place as necesssary with the silver wire.

Pay close attention to the area around the pots, making sure it is mostly covered.

Center wire bunches of oak or maple leaves, and push the wires into the moss base. THey should not go through it, but instead run along the length of it, and fill the sections between the pots strategically. Touch hot glue to those which will not seat securely.

Repeat this process with bunches of wired twigs.

Repeat with the pine cones and eucalyptus, gluing it securely in place.

Fill any small gaps with green moss, using the floral pins to hold it.

add some deep red berries or dried roses randomly around the wreath if this is to be used for a Christmas candle wreath.

Place your candles in the pots and pack the pots with sphagnum moss.

DO NOT burn the candles below two inches long, because of the flammable nature of the moss on the wreath and in the pots.


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