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Our Dryer is one of the appliances that we use the most since laundry is a never ending chore, or so it seems. The dryer vent is one of the most important aspects of the dryer in that if it is not properly connected the home may be dampened considerably and the dust and lint from it will spill into your home as well.

Make sure that your dryer is properly vented to prevent mildew and damage to your laundry room walls.

If your room seems particularly damp when you are doing laundry it may be that the dryer vent has developed a hole in it from use or age and needs to be replaced.

To replace it, simple remove the hose clamps from the vent pipe and the inlet on the back of the dryer.

Discard the old dryer vent hose and purchase one (most are standard size) from the local hardware or department store housewares department.

Taking out the dryer hose from the package, extend it on one end, and place a large hose clamp,‚ ( using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the clamp screw‚ and withdraw the clamp wire until it is large enough to fit, )or if you haven’t one, I have, in a pinch used zip ties, which are my standard do it yourself clamp.

Do the same on the Dryer inlet and push the dryer back into place.

You are in business.

I was asked this question on site and will address it here.. In some cases there will not be a vent installed to the outside. We recommend that rather than using the old trick of venting into a water stand, you cut that vent. ‚ The reasons are that lint is released into your home which can exacerbate those who have allergies and additionally, and additionally the buildup of moisture encourages the growth of bacteria.
If your dryer is powered by natural gas or propane, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS TO VENT TO THE INSIDE. Your dryer produces exhause gas which is blown out with the air that has been heated. and will actually create an atmosphere of poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide.‚ With natural gas dryers and propane always vent to the outside.



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