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Our roof is the key to keeping our homes warm, dry and water tight.

Making certain that they aren’t prone to leaks or if they are leaking, repairing those leaks can be costly in both time and money.

The alternative is to inspect the roof and to coat the roof with a sealant at least every four or five years, more frequentlyif you live in an area that is prone to high winds, or large hail such as we experience here in Nebraska.

One of the sealants you can use is simple aluminum roof coat, however that isn’t the best that I’ve seen recently.

One of the most remarkable products I’ve seen for coating a roof is called Roof It.

It can be painted right over the existing shingles.

It will seal and protect, and fill in small cracks or seal in areas with missing shingles.
Roof It is a product of Chiri Enterprise, and is in reality a polymer coating.
It dries to a rock hard substance that will seal virtually anything at all.
It can be matched to go with your current roofing or cover it to make a new color if you like
Roof It is resistant to moisture, acid rain, extreme temperatures, high winds heat, cold , ice storms, snow, small hail storms and high impacts
It is also:

# Eco-friendly,
Water Based,
and Non-Corrosive.
Further it will act as a metal roof coating providing anti corrosion and anti rust.
Some of the very best qualities about Roof It are

# Fast Drying in warm temperatures.
# 100% Flexible
# Apply in temperatures over 50F
# Roof-It as a Roof-Sealant is Resistant to Salt,Oil,Chemicals and Acids
# Covers 100 Sq.Ft.( 1 Gal / 1 Coat)
# Comes in one or five gallon pails
# Custom Colors
# Roof-IT Roof Coating is Resistant to temperatures up to 570 degrees F
# Resistant to temperatures up to 60F degrees below zero

ALl in all it is the best thing to come along for roofing since shingles.


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