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Most mobile or modular homes have a metal roof, which means that it will require some frequent care. Your roof should be coated at least every second year and in between should be checked for the need for touchups, for debris that has built up, and if there was an ice or hail storm during the past year it should most assuredly be coated prior to the onset of winter.
Choose a good quality roof coat designed for metal roofing, such as JNK’s Liquid Rubber Metal Roof Coat. If you live in a particularly warm area, you might want to select a reflective coat, rather than the normal gray coat, particularly if you live in southern or midwestern areas, as this will reflect the heat and sunlight that keep your mobile home too warm and increase your air conditioning costs.

STEP 1 – Check Weather Forecast.

Before you start, make sure rain isn’t forecast. You will need two dry days with a temperature that is over fifty degrees to permit your roof coat to cure properly.

STEP 2 – Inspect the Roof.

Simply because you don’t have roof leaks does not mean that your roof isn’t cracked, blistered or begining to peel.

STEP 3 – Clean your roof.

Using any wire brush or some very gritty sand paper, remove any of the roof coat that is flaking and pay close attention to the areas around the flashing, seams and the rails.

STEP 4 – Repair the Problems.

Repair any splits in the roof and patch holes or punctures, and check for loose screws in the roof and tighten them If you find mildew treat it by cleaning with a mild bleach solution.
as T.S.P.

STEP 5 – Rinse & Check.

Wash the roof with a hose and check to see if there are puddles left, which means that the house is unlevel.

STEP 6 – Coat Seams First.

Using a stiff broom, or a long handled brush, coat all of the seams and edges first, with patching cement. also coat the heads of the screws and be sure that the seams are well coated.

STEP 7 – Coat Roof in its entirety.

Make sure the patching cement has dried and mix the roof coating very well prior to beginning the application.

Apply the roof coat with a roof brush or paint roller Do not use a mop as you cannot control the thickness but you may choose to use a bristled push broom type applicator. . You cannot control the coverage with a mop.

Generally a gallon of roof coat will cover a ten by ten square. Coat in sections about this big to make sure that you get the proper thickness.. Don’t try to skimp on the roof coat, apply the amount that the manufacturer recommends.. If it is too thick it will dry out and then peel and crack.


Do not thin the coating or apply excessive amounts.

Start at one end of the roof and finish at the other end.

When it has dried, check again to make sure your seams are all well coated and that no spots look significantly thinner than any other.


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