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Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas, the more deadly because it is invisible, odorless and tasteless.

Small levels of CO are harmless and in fact quite common in the home, however when it builds up it can reach dangerous levels rather quickly, and kill families while sleeping or during the daylight hours.

Carbon Monoxide levels will increase if you have faulty furnaces, a bad piece of ductwork, in some cases from an improperly vented furnace or wood stove or are using an outdoor heating method inside the home. These are absolute no no’s but, you don’t necessarily have to be doing any of those to have an issue with CO inside the home.

Protecting your family from CO is imperative, particularly given the insidious way it can operate to create problems in your home.

A CO detector is one of the things that should be in EVERY home, second only to your fire detector.

Some of those available for your consideration when installing a CO detector are:

The FIRST ALERT Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detector comes with a digital display, remote control test/silence, and AC/battery backup. It samples air every second and permanently stores the highest levels detected. The silencer button alarms if levels persist. The price ranges from 25-35 USD.

2. Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
The Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is a combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. It has a loud voice alarm indicator to designate fire or carbon monoxide detection. The cost ranges from 30-50 dollars depending on models

3.The Kidde 900-0146 Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector
is the only battery powered alarm that includes a backlight digital display, providing continuous monitoring of CO levels.

Protect your family from harm with a CO detector and make sure that you check it periodically to assure its working properly.



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