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Decorating with plants that help keep the air clean is a practice as old as time. Certain plants are more valuable as filtration systems than others and they help to keep the air clean and the house lovely at the same time.

Clean air is important, especially inside the house. There are many sources of indoor pollution no matter how often you clean and change the air filter on the furnace. Winter is upon us and now is the time to take some precautions and add some greenery to help keep our homes healthy.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. When we breathe, we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This creates a situation where everyone benefits, the plant needs us and we need the plant.

There are three main types of plants that help keep the air clean and reduce the amount of formaldehyde, benzine and other harmful chemicals. There are others to choose for their looks but these will help the most.

Philodendron- this plant with dark green leaves is from the evergreen vine and shrubs family and originally came from the tropics. They need more space then regular houseplants and tend to drop their leaves. Bright indirect light and regular watering is needed to keep these plants at their best. Philodendrons need larger pots so consider where to place them carefully.

Dracaena are another type that will benefit your home. This also is a tropical plant originally from Africa. There are variations that are smaller and easy to grow. The leaves range from dark green to dark green with purplish or yellow streak and have sharp swordlike leaves. The draceana plant grows to a height of 12 feet if allowed. Water moderatly.

Ferns belong to a large group of perennial plants which means they come up year after year. Some ferns are only a few inches high while others are grow to enormous lengths and heights. Ferns have a lacy, leafy soft look about them and do not reproduce like other plants, they have spores instead of seeds.The fronds die down and protect the new leaves, so be careful when trimming back dead fronds. The ferns are best when in a hanging pot or on a higher shelf so they have room to spread out. Fertilizer is needed when they are indoors.

When using these wonderful plants for decoration, keep some distance from the root system and the leaves, it is the root system and microorganisms in the soil that help keep the air in your home pure. For the best results have one plant for every one hundred square feet of room.


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