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You know how it goes don’t you. That gorgeous antique glass you just bought is cloudy and nearly opaque instead of the crystal clear transparent beauty that its supposed to be.

THere are a couple ways to try to bring it back to its original beauty, particularly if the cloudiness is not scratching or marring but instead years of mineral buildup from water or washing.

Very often ammonia will strip away the cloudiness and clear up the problems with the vintage glass, but do take care not to breath deeply during use or to mix with any form of chlorine.

If ammonia fails you, try a coat of vaseline on the dish and leave it alone for about 3 days, before washing it in hot soapy water. Vaseline will rescue nearly any kind of dish from mineral buildup, if you leave it between three and five days.

If you’ve done the vaseline and the ammonia and still have an issue, try a denture tablet such as polident or efferdent. They can eat away the stains and not harm the glass.

another tried and true method, Krazy Kloth, which is a cleaner found in supermarkets that is said to remove mineral and hard water deposits.

Realemon juice, which is concentrate lemon juice and very acidic is also often a help in stain removal.
Soak the juice on a paper towel and lay the paper towel over the area to be cleaned .

Many times if nothing else works there is a chance that toothpaste will help you to take away the cloudiness,and sometimes bathroom tub cleaner such as DOW will help to clear the stains away..

Never use drain cleaner or CLR, which will actually eat away the base glass of your dish or plate.


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