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There are literally dozens of choices in kitchen countertops. To pick the one that’s right for the ambiance of your home, and also for the way your kitchen functions, it helps to go out with a little information in your back pocket.

Namely, this article looks at the 10 most popular countertop mediums and their positive & negative attributes.

By far, granite counters have seen a huge sales surge in recent years. The look of granite is phenomenal, stylish, and very striking. While granite countertops are not budget-friendly they do add value to your home. One word of warning: there are some things about natural stone that cannot be warranted (unlike a manufactured product).

Many companies who fashion granite will not cover natural flaws in the stone that evidence years later, where most manufactured surfaces have a 10-15 year warrantee. Beyond this stone will sometimes strain if its not properly sealed. The alternative here, and step up in variety and durability, would be engineered stone. It has a high quartz content, which stands up to a lot of abuse. It also doesn”t need regular sealing like natural stone, but still comes with a high price tag. This particular counter is available to you at Marble Counters.

The third option is that of solid surface countertops. These are also a manufactured item bearing popular names like Corian. The solid surface option is typically a little less expensive than solid stone, and any minor issues with the surface can be sanded and refinished. On the down side, these are sensitive to heat so care must be taken when putting down any cooking utensils fresh from the stove.


The next style is one home handypersons seem to like, namely ceramic tile. This is pretty easy to install (meaning it won”t cost as much as the first three countertops we‚ve discussed). It’s also easily cleaned, comes in a wide diversity of styles suited to your home, and takes hot items with more resilience. If you decide on this option, its suggested that you buy extra tiles and keep them safe. Inevitably one or two will chip and require replacement, and this way you know you have the original style on hand. These are available.

And we‚ve only scratched the surface! There’s laminates (like Formica) that are more friendly to a frugal budget, but not necessarily very durable. There’s also hard wood surfaces (these may need on-going care), stainless steel (very expensive but really healthy), soapstone (high maintenance item ‚ not as durable as harder stones), and marble (also very high price tag). Last but not least we come to concrete, which may not be practical or overly visually appealing for most home dƒ©cor projects.

Here is a laminate such as might be used to renovate your counters at home, available to you from Countertops.com.

countertop 2
countertop 2


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