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I had the pleasure this June, of staying in the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

One of the premier hotels on the strip, it had some amenities that I fell in love with, not the least of which was the amazing view from the 120th floor and that was easily accessed by the incredible electronic window treatments. A flick of the finger and the filmy drapes opened to permit a view of the multiple pools below, surrounded by live flamingos. I wanted to live there.

When I got home I decided I wanted to know more about them and the kind of technology it would take to implement them in my home.

A little research revealed that one of the first companies to provide this technology was a light control manufacturer was Lutron Electronics. In 2001 they engineered a control system that will communicate back and forth with a motorized window treatment that was provided by Vimco.

In a short time Vimco was purchased by Lutron who began selling their shades as a compliment to their own lighting controls and today, Lutron manufactures their own line of controllable shades, in many fabrics and colors and helped to make the shading of light an important aspect of every homes lighting scheme.

In fact. some of Lutrons competitors climbed onto the proverbial wagon and and although they did not go into the curtain and blind business, they did find partners to help them in manufacturing window treatments that go along with their own and are controlled by their controllers.

Thanks to the teamings manufacturers are not producing lighting controls that make it possible for home owners to know that they can pur Thanks to these partnerships, homeowners can get both a lighting control system and controllable window treatments from one source and know that the systems are going to work together without a hitch.

We all love our windows and the view they afford us, but as awe inspiring as that view may be there are going to be times when we want to cover it up or blot it out.

I personally find that when I am watching television, that I don’t care for the glare that the sunlight casts across the screen, and it makes it distracting for me to watch. At those times I would prefer to have my blinds closed.

The thought of not having to get up to do that, and to be able to use a remote control from the hallway to close my blinds if I choose to stroll into the living room in my robe does in fact impress me.

Window treatments aren’t just good for privacy they will help to save energy, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and frankly just make good economical sense.

In electronic controlled draperies, the fabric, whether is is sheer or heavy weighted draperies, is attached to a rod that looks a great deal like a standard one, that has a built in motor.
A hand remote control is then able to be used to conveniently close the draperies or curtains, without having to get up and wrestle into place manually.
I will admit that the absolute convenience of that appeals to me as well.

According to the Electronic House, there are several other reasons to purchase them, not the least of which is how they function in letting in natural light and balancing it with the electric lights. Take a look at the writings there on Electronic Window Treatments.

Why Buy Controllable Window Treatments?

* They can protect furnishings from harmful UV rays.
* They can preserve your privacy.
* They can make your house appear occupied when you’re away.
* They can reduce heat gain on sunny days.
* They can let sunlight in to help illuminate a space.
* They can complement your home’s lighting design.
* They can reveal the beautiful view outside.


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