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One of the most popular and universal Christmas traditions is the tree. This tradition began a long time ago in Northern Europe where evergreens were regarded as sacred. After all, they stayed green throughout the winter so their spirits must be powerful. Over time, that concept faded, but the idea of decorating a tree remained.

Normally, the Christmas tree is an evergreen that’s brought in and bedecked with lights and ornaments. However, this project is something a little different – a Christmas Craft that both recycles and looks pretty.

Begin with any old magazine you have around the house (thicker ones work better). Note that the height of the magazine will equal the finished height of your craft tree. If the magazine looks to big for the area you plan to place it when completed, you can cut it down but be careful to keep the pages very evenly cut.

The chosen magazine needs to be fairly intact (not a lot of torn pages etc.). You also want glue (a glue gun is great), glitter, spray paint in whatever color you want the finished tree, and small beads and yarn to use as miniature decorations. After assembling these items the first step is easy. Just take the cover off the magazine.

Now, begin folding each page down from the top right hand side of the page until that corner is tucked neatly into the magazine even with the binding. Place just a tiny dab of glue on the inside fold, and then make a nice crisp crease on the edge created. Believe it or not, you simply have to repeat this process until each page of the magazine has been folded, glued and creased.

The last step is gluing the back page to the front page. As you move these two in place you’ll notice the magazine blossoming outward into a perfect tree shape. Let this glue dry before decorating the exterior. Once dry, it’s time for spray paint. The most popular colors are red, green, silver, and gold, but you can make it any color suited to your décor.

Finally, add beads for “lights” and string yarn between them for garland. If you wish, add a crafted bow or star at the top to finish the whole look.

This is a great craft to do with children and other than drying time, goes together very quickly. Enjoy!


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