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Every winter we spend more than we might like on heating our homes.

Making sure, prior to the onset of snow, rain or colder weather, that all of our insulation is in place and we have in fact weatherproofed our home as well as possible is a money saver later on in the year and is well worth the small amount of time it takes to accomplish it.

Your attic will be one of the places where you lose the most heat, along with windows and doors.

To assure that the heat loss is minimized, check the attic insulation each year.

If you find areas where the insulation has been disturbed by perhaps a squirrel or any other means, it does need to be fixed and properly replaced.

There are several different types of insulation that can be used, including fiberglass, rockwool and cellulose.

In your attic, the vapor barrier that is on the insulating material should be facing down, that is to say, toward the floor, and if it is not, and has been installed poorly with the vapor barrier facing upward toward you, then your insulation is trapping moisture and can create some real water issues below.

If you find areas that are thinning or need to be fixed, roll your insulation with the paper side out, and install smaller bits of insulation between the joists on the floor.

Take care to not step between those joists to avoid an injury

Also make certain that you check and install insulation on the attic walls and roofing, but do not install over vents in the attic.


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