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At some point in your landscaping and home gardening career, you’re going to need to use a chain saw, or even to purchase one.

They are a necessary evil for tearing through such landscaping items as railroad ties, landscaping ties and even for pruning or removing larger diseased or dead trees. Among those you might consider are Poulan, Stihl and Husqvarna who all make a lightweight more compact saw with plenty of power where you need it for home gardening chores. The following are chainsaw reviews and quotes are from Chainsaws for 2000, which was printed in Arbor Age magazine Dolmar PS3300TH– “transformed their logging knowledge into arbor power” Echo CS-340 – “It truly packed a whallop when it came time to do limb and trim work.” Husqvarna 335XP series – “My first impression of this was wow, what a little powerhouse.”; Jonsered CS 2145– “Known for its reliability and durability, this little saw has that and more.; RedMax G310TS– “If you have never heard of this outfit, I do believe you will be seeing more of them”; Solo 636– “This is quite a nice saw with plenty of power.”; Stihl 020T– “This particular unit cuts extremely smooth and had plenty of power in reserve”; John Deere CS36 Pro – I picked this "little" model to replace the discontinued Tanaka TCS3401 With any chainsaw there are certain things you will look for, among them a good warranty, as well as whether or not the company that you purchase from services as well. Buying your saw from a company such as walmart, is in my personal opinion a waste of money since, unless you send the saw away to be serviced, the warranty is worth no more than the paper on which it is printed. Purchasing from a company who not only sells locally, but services locally as well assures you of a place to take it when its not working well for you. Use care and caution when you start your saw. A few common sense rules for chainsaw use are: Never start it near a fuel can, as the sparks can ignite the can. Don’t pull the starter rope at an angle. Instead, pull it straight out, bracing the saw with your foot. Angling the rope means it will rub on the housing and eventually break. Start the chain in motion before touching the wood you are cutting, to prevent kickback Always hold the saw with BOTH hands and use your dominant hand toward the back to have better control. Always cut at a height below your shoulders Keep children and pets well away from the cutting areas. Shut down your motor when moving across any kind of rough terrain. Clean your machine each time you use it to assure that the handle and grips remain free of grease or slippery substances.


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