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 Ceiling fans are beautiful additions to nearly any room in the house, and as well as being highly decorative, they are also functional and can reduce heating costs in wintertime as well as cooling costs in the summer.

The summertime is when you will be particularly glad of the addition, since they will  be very effective not only in reducing your cooling bill, but also your body  temperature, as they create a cool breeze to provide for your added comfort, and will circulate the air conditioned cooled air more fully.

Your ceiling fan can also double as decorative and highly attractive lighting solutions for your home.  Light kits can be added that will dramatically increase their beauty, and increase their overall use in the home as well.

Ceiling fans today are not simply blades and lights. They are dramatic highly beautiful additions to your homes decor, which can set the tone for any room, with sculpted blades, crystal light kits and using textures and materials for both that will leave you in awe of the beauty they can add to your room.

This article will offer you simple and basic instructions for adding a ceiling fan to your home and help you to get a feel for how to accomplish it, however you should remember as with anything else to take advantage of the instructions that come with your electrical device and make sure that you follow those to the letter to do the  actual installation.

If your fan comes with a light, or a ligthing kit is available, in most cases it will be wired for you prior to being added to your fan setup, and in some cases, it will require only that you add a few light bulbs.

In some cases however you may need to wire it yourself.

Lowe’s Home Shops suggest the following when you are wiring the light and fan.

“1. Remove the switch housing cover plate from the fan.

2. Remove the plug from the center of the cover plate.

3. Feed the light kit wires (black and white) through the holes in the cover plate and screw the plate tightly to the light kit to prevent it from vibrating loose.

4. Locate two wires within the switch housing labeled “for light” (white and blue). Connect them to the light kit wires with wire nuts—white to white and blue to black. Secure the connections with electrical tape to prevent the wire nuts from vibrating loose during operation.

5. Carefully push wires back into the switch housing, and attach the light kit to the switch housing with the provided screws.”

Tips and Notes
ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans move at least 20 percent more air than a typical ceiling fan per watt of power consumed. ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans use about 60-70 percent less electricity for lighting than equivalent incandescent models.


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