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Each and every gardener should have a set of tools that they use, which are specific to the job, many of them will be indespensable to us.

When you purchase your own tools, buy quality even if it seems too expensive at the time. In the long run you actually save money since well made tools will have a longer life. Better design can also make high quality tools easier for you to use and maintain.

When it comes to tools for working the soil or hard earth, it is better to buy those with a blade forged from a single piece of steel rather than the cheaper variety which are folded steel models.

Handles should be made from hickory, ash or even tubular steel or fiberglass which are far preferable to those made out of beechwood or pine, two softer woods which will break more easily.

Your pruning shears the best models are rarely the most fancy and are very often not the most expensive. If possible buy pruners that can be dissassembled to clean and sharpen them easily as well as to assure that the oil will penetrate the entire shears assembly.

Select your tools to match your height, and make certain that they are the correct length for your height and the tool is a comfortable weight for you.

Ideally, even the beginning gardener will have a spade, a pitchfork and compost bin, a rake, a draw hoe, a hand cultivator, a three tined cultivator, a garden rake, pruning shears and a bow saw.

These will be the minimum that you will need for any kind of gardening.

After each use your tools should be put away dry, their blades and handles wiped clean. Hoes, weeders, and spades will work better if their blades are kept honed with a small stone to a keen edge, and your pruning shears will also need regular sharpening

Nothing is so difficult or tiring to use, or causes more damage to plants than dull tools.


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