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A router, primarily a woodworking tool, is used to cut shapes, create decorative edging, make grooves in the wood or trim out carvingsin materials. It is one of the most useful tools for individuals who enjoy dressing the woodwork they produce with decorative techniques.

Routers can be large and more versatile types, or smaller multi-use tools-these can be fitted with router attachments such as, my own personal favorite, the Dremel, which we use to engrave, cut decorative shapes, make grooves, trim laminates etc.

The Dremel has multiple router attachments, it can be used in conjunction with a small router table and is one of my favoured tools because it can be used for so many things.

I fail to imagine what I did before it came along.
If you select a larger router, as many users of routers do, in order to do large jobs more easily and make decorative edging on shelving and tables, there are a few simple steps to help you to get the best tool for the job you wish to accomplish

Bear in mind that the horsepower is going to be indicative of the work you can accomplish with your choice of tool. Due to this, look for a router tool that is rated for at least 1 horsepower.

Be selective and choose one with an on/off switch and a chip guard.

The larger a router is, the more versatile it will be for your work.

Hold the router in your hand to make sure that all the handles are comfortable and fit your hand well.

Be sure to have a look where the depth adjuster is located as it should be in a convenient place to allow easy access to it.

Ensure that you ALWAYS maintain the reciept for any power tool that you purchase, for example a router, a saw, or a cordless drill driver. In addition, remember to send off the warranty card incase your purchase is or becomes damaged or breaks down.

Read the instruction manual and the safety tips before using the product, this prevents any problems arrising or any accidents happening.

Whilst browsing the stores, a few brands you may come across are:

– 1613, 1450, Ra1166, 1615, and 1617/1618 series
Black & Decker – RP200
DeWalt – 615, 621, 625, and 616/618 series
Elu – 177
Fein – FT-1800
Freud – 2000E
Hitachi – M8V, TR12, M12V
Milwaukee – 5615 / 5616 / 5619 series
Porter-Cable – 690 series, 7529, 8529
Skil – 1823, 1835, 1840, and 1845-02
Sears – Craftsman 315, 175 (040, 050, 070, 100, 110, 320, 321); 315.269.210; 315 27


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