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I was in the market for a new fridge a few months ago, as the one currently in my kitchen was not only somewhat weathered, but also less than energy efficient.

The choices out there are amazing aren’t they? There are so many products, and each refrigerator or range touts themselves as the absolute best, and doesn’t really offer a great deal about what they may be lacking.
Now I wont’ say they exaggerate but I will say that its fairly rare to see one that actually says, we aren’t energy star rated and we’re going to cost you more to run, but buy from us anyway.

Many of the refrigerators I looked at and researched were a good price and a great value, and in the end, options and little extras as well as the all important Energy star rating helped me to decide.

Many companies are offering some amazing looks as well as super prices, and your decor can be matched whether it is all stainless or vintage 1960’s by whats on the market today.

Some of the ones we reviewed and really considered were:

The Whirlpool ET1FHTXM is a top freezer model, which I tend to like because they don’t require bending down and sitting nearly on your head to retrieve frozen items. It is also less expensive than some of the other models, retailing at just about 850 USD, and they do have the Energy Star rating.

It features an inside ice maker and a water dispenser, plus a way to control spills and has about 21 cubic feet of space inside.

The Frigidaire Gallery FRT18S6A, is a smaller fridge, and has a smaller price tag, retailing for about 500 USD, but does not have the energy star rating.

It is also a much smaller model at about 18 cubic feet as opposed to 21 or 22 of the other models in its class, but that makes it a much better fit for an apartment or mobile home. It has a good reliability rating and the reviews say it is energy efficient, although it has not earned the Energy Star rating.

No icemaker and no water dispenser, its basic, but for all that, not really a bad little appliance.

The Amana ABB1922FE is a bottom freezer fridge and as we’ve already established, these aren’t my personal favorite. They do make good use of space and some folks thing they are more convenient.. I am five feet nine, and things on the floor, just aren’t all that convenient to me. This one is not bad as it has pull out freezer drawers to aid in the convenience aspect, but the price tag is significantly more at about 950 USD, and although it rates as Energy Star, and a quiet model, I passed on it.

The last one we reviewed was the GE GSH25JFT which is a side by side model, and I particularly like them. This one is a super choice for smaller, more narrow kitchens such as mine is, however they do have the added disadvantage of being one of the types of refrigerators that break down and need repaired most often. This particular model, Energy Star rated, also has temp controls on the deli drawers and an ice and water dispenser, but is significantly more costly than the others at a nearly 1200 USD.

(an additional 200 for the stainless steel model means it retails about 1400 dollars.)

I ended up with the Whirlpool model because of the spill control and the water and ice makers that are inside rather than outside.

I’m pleased with my choice and also with the top freezer. My model ran about 900 after taxes so the price was right as well


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