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You probably bought your first furnace without even thinking about it.
The house you bought had it preinstalled, and it worked. What more did you need to know.

Many, if not most people will put just about the same amount of thought and consideration into purchasing their second.
The one they have isn’t working, they need something now and so they run a finger through the yellow pages, and select the first HVAC guy they come across because, in reality, most people can’t install their own furnace and don’t know much about it, so they rely on another person to deal with all of it.

What this will accomplish is that your home will be warm, but you will spend literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars more than its necessary for you to spend.

There are multiple ways to lower the cost of buying and having your new furnace installed.

The first, and probably the most sensible will be to permit companies to bid for your business. One thing to remember with this particular method is that you don’t want to make the choice based on nothing but the price, but instead, price, value and service.

The cost of the furnace will be just about half of what it costs you, but how do you know that you get the best furnace, that it will be the appropriate size for your home and that it is as energy efficient as you can get, as well as the best cost.

A furnace that is far too large for the home will cost a great deal more to operate than one that is the proper size for your home, while an undersized one will work far harder, and again cost more
The only real way to know which furnace is the right one for your home will be to have a contractor do a load calculation of your home, which will take the size of the home, the insulation, the amount of rooms and many other things into account and then calculate the right furnace for your home.

Furnaces that are highly efficient will cost far more than low and average efficiency but in the long run they will pay for themselves since they cost less on a month per month basis, and after the initial paying for them, will cost far less to run.
Among the brand names that you will come into contact with when you begin your search for a new furnace is

# Amana

# Armstrong

# Bryant

# Central Boiler

# Coleman

# Comfortmaker

# Dunkirk

# Fedders

# Frigidaire

# Gibson

# Hallmark

# Intertherm

# Kenmore

# Maytag

# Olsen / Airco

# Payne

# Ruud

# Trane

# Utica

# Weatherking

One place that can help you choose a furnace as well as give you appropriate information on the various models is Furnace Compare.com.


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