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What makes a piece of furniture an antique, and how do you determine its value if you are new to the antique buying arena.
In order to make a wise choice in your purchase, you will need to do a bit of research that helps you determine what you are looking for, and how to know it when you find it.

Furniture that is antique has become very popular, and the decorating styles that are popular today are making it more so, because the demand for it is higher.

The chair that would have sold for just a pittance a few years ago, today, even with that broken seat, will command a much higher price.

Antique furniture will nearly always go up in its value because of two major factors, those being that it is nearly always far more solid in construction, most of it being made of solid wood, and that it has a superior method of craftsmanship than most furniture on the market today.

Style and real character are what people are searching for in their furniture and it is far more easily found when you purchase those pieces which were made in an earlier time.

Antique furniture is in great demand and it is because of the superior styles that are available and the amazing crafting skill that went into the making.

There are basically four types of antique furniture, or categories, among them, Far Eastern, European, English, and American.

The kind of wood that a piece is constructed from makes a significant difference in the value of the piece.
If the furniture has its own hardware, that is original to the piece, they will be worth a great deal more than those which have been redone or refurbished due to breakage.

Pieces constructed of mahogany, oak or walnut, or the older knotty pines will be the most in demand and will also be the pieces that will be the most costly.

As mentioned, antique furniture that is not in the best shape or has scratches on it, should never be redone to keep the value of the piece.

Don’t strip or refurbish the piece, and if it is wobbly, simply add a drop of glue to sturdy it up a bit.
To find those which are a little wobbly probably means they are genuinely old and to refinish one will significantly lower its value.

To check furniture at a home sale or auction, checkout the entire piece. At times the back panels have been redone, or they have been refinished. These pieces don’t go for top dollar.

Once you’ve found that perfect piece of furniture, care for your antiques with great consideration of their value.
Using the correct polish is important. Beeswax is an excellent polish for it, rather than the lemon oil polishes, which have a tendency to dry the wood excessively and will assuredly lower the value of the piece.

If you can see a film on the furniture you are about to purchase, you can tell that the dealer has used lemon oil or pledge-like products. Don’t buy them.

You will find antique furniture just about anywhere you can find furniture of any kind. Attics often yield some treasure troves of old family furniture and garage sales, church sales, pawn shops and in many cases flea markets are idea for finding small pieces that you are looking for.

Some of the very best pieces will be found at the estate sales of older couples, because they usually will have had the piece most of its existence and it will usually be in good shape.

While you are still learning about antiques, take some time each day to contribute to your education using online or offline resources.

Try to stick with just one kind of furniture until you are familiar with them all and don’t purchase a piece on impulse. Go and research if first so you know what you are getting when you bid on it, or purchase it.


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