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Particularly in the midwest or northern parts of the United States, snow is always an issue any time after Thanksgiving.
For many people, the elderly or the smaller person, shoveling just isn’t an option they want to consider and a snow blower could just prevent a very real health emergency.
Selecting one that will do the job for heavier, wetter snows as well as packed or dry powder isn’t an easy task with so many choices facing us, each of them telling us they are the best.
So which one really is the best of the bunch?
Reviewing some of the top five, heres the lowdown on snow blowers and electric shovels.

The CRAFTSMAN model 31AE5HTG799 at an estimated retail price of about 950 dollars is purportedly the best value in two stage gas snow blowers this season.
The reviewers agree that this is a superb choice for clearing either heavy or dry snow, and is good for packed down or very deep snowfalls.
It has an adjustable chute deflector and wheels that are power driven to make it an easy move, along with being able to disengage independent of each other. THe nine horse motor helps it to clear a full 28 inch swath of snow at one time.
It is designed for use on slopes and with snowfalls of over 6 inches.

Some of those who reviewed it said it didn’t send the snow so far away as the TORO model Power Max 828, but it does in fact save you over 500 dollars in the purchase price and for that kind of savings, I’ll live with throwing the snow a lesser distance.

 Toro Power Max 828 LXE wtih a retail of about 1500 dollars is nearly the twin to the Craftsman model featured above. Some of those who reviewed it for consumer reports said that it threw snow a good distance further, making it a good choice if you have a very wide driveway or walkway, but otherwise, it wasn’t that far superior to the Craftsman model and the price was far in excess of it.


THe Toro Power CUrve 1800
, with a pricetag of about 300 dollars is decent if you live in an area that only has very light snowfall, and have a short and flat driveway or sidewalk, however you do have to work with a power cord, but you needn’t be concerned with the
fueling of it.
This is definitely not a recommendation if you live in an area where heavy wet snow is the order of the day.


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