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How, I asked can I make a porch swing interesting. Well my boss replied, just write about what you might be looking for in a porch swing.

The answer I think, isn’t the wood variety, although they are available in some beautiful grain and woods, such as cedar, pine, oak and alder.

It isn’t necessarily in the longevity although of course that is important as well. cedar will probably be your best bet in that department because it ages so well, and remains solid and lovely for many years.

The answer to what I am personally looking for in a porch swing, would be comfort.

The wonderful feeling that you get from swinging a hot sultry evening away in the company of an old friend or a good book.

I am looking for a big smile from a visiting child or a great photo of a friend whose come to pay a Sunday visit.

Selecting a porch swing is personal preference, guided by the knowledge of which woods will weather best and last the longest as well as whats comfy for you.

I’d recommend that if you can, prior to your purchase of this most important piece of outdoor furniture that you be seated and swing a moment. Make sure that the swing fits you and feels comfortable, as well as being well made.

I see, on my own porch a pine swing, that hasn’t perhaps lasted as well as it might have, if I had purchased that lovely red cedar, that will age to a gorgeous red brown, or a beautiful cypress that is so long lasting and will keep the bugs away.

It wasn’t overly expensive, being the least costly of all the woods for porch swings, but it is very light, so it’s easy to remove to set away for winter, or to take down in order to clean it.
Still it won’t last as long as some of the others.

It does have two things that recommend it to me. It has a straight back, which provides the most comfort of all the styles, but this particular swing has a hinged straight back that will allow it to be lowered to become something like a bed type furniture, so that if you would like to read a book lying on your stomach, the swing accommodates that want.

I have mine fitted with a weather proof cushion on both back and sides. As I said. what I am looking for in my porch swing, is comfort.


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