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The purchase of a home over the internet sounds like a futuristic happenstance and one that we aren’t sure we want to take part in its not far away from being normal procedure.

While many of us enjoy the ability to have a human interaction when purchasing our homes, there are others who have busy enough schedules and resources to provide for convenience in this area.

So while it may seem that this is a long time away from being the accepted practice, the reality of it is that it is happening right now, every day in our society.

Homes are purchased on web sites of realty companies as well as from FSBO sites, international sites and between personalities which are not seen prior to purchase or if they are, the visit is brief and the majority of the exploration comes from photographs or video of the homes posted on web sites for virtual tours.

FSBO stands for For Sale By Owner and there are myriad web sites on the internet today that permit you to both tour and purchase homes via the internet to facilitate your purchase. Many people do not even visit the home they plan to purchase, but instead find one by perusing web sites on the internet, and when finding one in which they may have an interest, they will send a representative or an inspector to view that home for them.

SOme examples of purchasing in this way are For Sale By Owner.com and online real estate auctions, as well as purchasing directly from a builder in a prebuilt home situation.

Sites such as this one, Homes ON Sale, based in the UK, offer a glimpse of both inside and outside, so that we can effectively tour a home in any part of the United Kingdom, and in nearly any state in the United States as well as in other parts of Europe, arrange for the loan and purchase the home if we so desire, sight unseen, and have it warrantied so we are certain that we have a reasonable deal.

The average site offers about a thousand homes for sale at any given time, and this one, which I chose as a test case offered the following property listings:

Scotland (373)
Wales (227)
Ireland (232)
Europe (9321)
USA (1328)
Canada (316)
Africa (739)
Asia (1859)
South America (141)
Middle East (514)

The wise buyer will hire an agent in the country where they are selecting a home so that they are sure their interests are provided for, and that they have some means of recourse if the home is not all that it is supposed to be once they have taken possession.

If you are interested in a home purchase, or even if you aren’t its rather interesting to take a walk through some of the homes for sale in countries other than your own and view their interiors, so I strongly suggest that you visit Google and input Homes For Sale in the search engines. It is really quite an education.


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