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Those gorgeous arbors, that we walk beneath when we enter someones gateway, or in the botanical garden, can be easily constructed to house the more light weight climbers such as clematis using simple pieces of lattice work such as are purchased from any home and garden store, including The Home Depot.

This particular project won’t house one of the heavier, more prolific climbers such as a heavy rose, and if you want to plant that type item to climb this project probably won’t be sufficient for your needs.

One which might is located at Sunset and those plans are equally as easy, costing somewhat more to accomplish using the heavier wood frames.

To make a simple arbor, sufficient to hold clematis or ivy, you will need:

3 sheets, 4×8 of purchased lattice work.
18 furring strips.
4 two by fours 8 feet long.
Galvanized screws. 2 inches long.
Four carriage bolts, four to six inches.
8 L brackets

For each sheet of lattice, frame the sides by taking the furring strips and sandwiching the lattice sheet between it, to do this place one furring strip on each side using 2 inch galvanized screws so that they go through all three sheets of wood.

For the fourth side of the lattice sheets, stand them upright, so that they are 8 feet tall and four feet wide.
Sandwich that end of the lattice between two of the two by fours.

Drill a pilot hole through the two by fours and the lattice and screw the three pieces together with the carriage bolts, tightening them til secure.

Secure the top of the arbor to the sides by the use of the L brackets.

Although the two by fours will be heavy enough to hold the arbor well, secure the arbor to the ground by staking through drilled holes if it seems at all unsteady.


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