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It’s mid winter and you are so tired of standing there, staring out the window at winter times frozen landscape, longing for a taste of spring.

You can make your own little slice of heaven in your kitchen window if you use a bit of time, some scrap lumber or cut plexiglass and a little ingenuity.

Measure the window width and depth of your window and subtract one half inches from the width measurement to leave room for the shelving.

Cut three pieces of wood, 1/2 inches thick and one inche wider than the depth of the window and sand the edges lightly, and stain, OR, visiting any home decorating or home design store, ask to have three pieces of 1/4 inche plexiglass cut to fit, at about a three inch depth and the width of your window casing.

Taking molding, cut the pieces to the depth of your window casing, using two per each side of the shelf sand the ends of them lightly.

Secure the bottom molding strips with wood screws to hold them fast to the window casing on either end, using a level to assure they are correctly placed and then lay the piece of wooden shelving, or the plexiglass on top of the strips.

Just above the shelf piece of wood or plexiglass, place the other strip of molding to secure the shelving in place so it cannot tip.

Screw it in using wood screws.

Repeat the same technique for each shelf that you use.

For a window that is about 36 inches tall, two or three shelves will be the maximum that you want so that you have at least ten inches between the shelves to permit your herbs or plants room to grow.

If you like, in the top of the window casing, above the highest shelf, you could also add a small flourescent light of the strip variety to assure they receive the most ultraviolet lighting possible.


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