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For summertime entertaining most of your cooking will be done on the grill, but it seems like there are never enough counter tops near the barbeque area.

This folding shelf with help you with that, attaching as it does to a wall near the eating or grilling area to hold plates, food or extra tools.

When its not in use it folds up neatly, nearly flat to the wall.

The following supplies are necessary, buyable from any hardware store or lumber supply in your area.
Two stainless steel piano hinges
(one 18 inches long and one 9 inches long)

8 finishing nails, 1 1/4 inch

28 stainless steel screws, 1/2 inch

Carptenters glue

6 pieces of pine, 3/4 inches thick
cut to the following measurements

18 x 10 inch rectangle piece
18 x 1 1/2 inch piece
8 and 1/4 x 3/4 inch piece (cut two)
9 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch piece
Triangle measuring 8×9 x 12 right angled

Position the 9 1/2 inch length of planking upright at the midpoint of the18 inch length, and flush with one edge as the photo shows.
Glue and nail together to make a tee shape.
Lay the 2- 8 and 1/4 inch lengths on top of the 18 inch length and flush with the edge.. glue and nail into place
Screw one side of the 18 inch piano hinge to the long edge of the 18 inch rectangle
attach one side of the nine inch hinge to the 9 inch side of the triangle.
Lay the tee shape flat.
screw the unattached side of the piano hinge on the triangle to the 9 inch length of the tee down the center and flush with the 18 inch length.
Finally attach the 18 inch rectangle to the tee by sewing the unattached side of that hinge to the edge of the 18 inch length, making sure that the shelf hinges downward.
attach the collapsible shelf to the wall of the house by using wood screws, masonry screws or masonry anchors to assure that it holds well
It will fold flat and lie unobtrusively until time to use it.


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