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Adding some sparkle and fun to your kitchen is easy this season with all the new small appliances popping up all over the market.

With some of these fun and interesting small appliances you can add treats to the parties and delicious and healthy foods to your evenings at home.
Some specialty things that can add fun to your life and your kitchen , and make great gifts for families and friends are listed below:

Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain

This appliance is a great addiction to any party or occasion. This chocolate fountain is great to use as a centerpiece for your event or just for a delightful treat. Strawberries, cookies, pretzels, marshmallows and more can be the perfect delicacies for dipping. This fountain can hold up to 2lbs of chocolate and keeps the chocolate warm and flowing. You have the option of adjusting your thermostat to your desired temperature and the base is dishwasher safe. This is just the item to add on your shopping list.

One of the most fun and addictive aspects of eating is chocolate, and the Chocolatier Electronic Chocolate Melting Pot is one way to offer that to family and guests. It has several different settings to offer you the means to melt chocolate that has been chopped or that which is whole. It also offers you some molds to make your own molded chocolate confections as well as skewers and forks to use for dipping fruits or cake squares.
You can find it at JC Penney at a price of about 12.99 for the smaller unit and 39 for the larger.

Mr Coffee has another chocolate making offering for us, that prevents the milk from overheating or the cocoa from scorching.
The Cocomotion Hot Cocoa maker makes 2 to 4 cups of hot cocoa and keeps it the perfect temperature for you, as well as wiping it to make the traditional frothy topped cocoa. With a locking lid it will keep the cocoa perfect until you are ready to drink it. The hot cocoa maker is sold at walmart at a price of about 20 dollars.

Do your own children love yogurt?
The Electronic Yogurt Maker is the perfect gift for your own kitchen or someone else’s. Using this little gem, your yogurt is made in 6-12 hours, and you can control what you put into it, how sweet the home made yogurt is as well as the fat content it contains, while making 6 jars at one time, with a timer to let you know when your product is ready for consumption.

Chicken wings in the varying flavors are a super treat for evening snacks, and what could be easier than the Wings N Things to make them. It also makes fries, chili cheese fries and has two seperate areas for deep frying and slow cooking in the same small appliance Costing about 50 dollars at JC Penney, and a bit less at Walmart, Wings N Things is going to be a fun addition to your holiday parties.

Smaller than the Carnival Cart which retails for about 300 dollars, this little brother to it, called Old Fashion Movie Time Kettle Popcorn is just about the perfect size and addition to your kitchen.

The mini version will pop novice style popcorn in your home, and offers you a tempered window, a measuring dispenser and a warming light while it makes up to a gallon of popcorn.
Its available from walmart for about 75 dollars, while another, still smaller version retails for just about 30 dollars.

Make delicious mash potatoes in the Mash Potato Maker, another new kitchen gadget on the market this season. It permits you to auto steam food, or mix your potatoes with other veggies for a unique taste experience. It retails for about 65 dollars.

Do you all love pizza.? Then you are going to be completely wowed by the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven which rotates while it cooks pizzas from hand made or frozen on your counter-top while you watch. It includes a non stick pan, timer and varying heat settings, as well as a recipe and instruction booklet for making various types of pizza.
This little jewel can be found at Walmart for just about 40 dollars.

JUST IN TIME… this small computer called the Icebox is designed to exactly fit your counter-top for the kitchen that can’t be without a computer.

It is a PC media center and permits you to watch television, play your favorite DVD or CD in your kitchen, and if you combine the Icebox with the Beyond the Sani, network card, you can control all of your appliances from the counter-top computer. Up to and including controlling your Bread Maker, coffee maker and Beyond Microwave, each of which retails separately of course.

this little dream includes a touch screen, CE net OS and a washable keyboard and remote.

Available at Walmart.com for about 1000 dollars, this is one of those things you get for the guys and girls who have everything.


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