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When you decide to remodel or redo your bathroom and kitchen, its a bit different from redoing any other room n the house by virtue of the different considerations and difficulties that you have to take into account.

Many people tend to make a mistake with them by treating them just like any other room and the truth is that they present their own special problems because of what they are, and those little extras they come with such as a much higher humidity level.

Your bathroom, obviously is going to be far damper than the other rooms in your home and that will need to be taken into account when you think about redecorating it, if those things you purchase for it aren’t to become wilted, or stained by the higher heat and humidity that are part and parcel of that atmosphere.

While your bathroom does dry out at times,for the most part, a higher humidity level and a higher heat level is a permanent part of it, so planning for that is imperative when you take into account things such as curtains, blinds and furnishings.

This makes it imperative to select furnishing materials that will hold up to that kind of heat and humidity, or else face seeing them become unusable in a short time.

It might sound obvious, but the fact is that many people miss out on the reality that bathroom window treatments need to be repelling of moisture, or waterproof.

It’s practical reality that if they aren’t, we’re going to end up with long trailing bits of moisture laden material.
For practical reasons a lot of us are going to move away from curtaining the bath, although certain types of curtain can be used there.

If we aren’t selective we’re going to find massive amounts of mildew laden cloth that we’ve got to do something with.

Cloth curtains that have not been treated by one kind or water repellent are going to create problems, and the more people you have showering in your home the most issues that you’re going to have because of all the dampness in the room

A very real solution to that problem is the vinyle blind.

They are easy to clean, afford privacy in the bathroom and are waterproof so that when they are wet, they will dry readily and not simply absorb the water.

Working with vertical blinds is probably best to avoid since they can be moved by the air from the window or fan and in the bath compromise the privacy of the occupant.

The roll up variety are wonderful in the bath because you can color them to match the decor also and are easy to wipe clean, even those with separate slats.

Make certain that they are unrolled if they are wet through, so that they have the opportunity to dry completely, but for the most part, blinds in the bath are a super way to dress up the room, while making sure that you have the privacy and the style that you want.


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