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Bathroom faucets are one of the fixtures in your bathroom that can afford elegance to your bathroom decor as well as set the tone for the room, depending on what you select.

Some of the newer faucets are wall mounted, antique reproductions or post modern brass and glass, designed to go with the bathroom suite that you have seleted and complement the bathroom decorating.

The choices for faucets, or taps in the bathroom now, are virtually unlimited, with nearly anything you want available, if not in the actual physical store, then online from plumbing supply houses.

Some of your choices, seen below, will give you a great example of styles and pricing available to you

Danze,new to the market but not new to the game, is a new brand of one of the largest manufacturers in the world of brass accessories and faucets. THeir products feature a very high level of craftsmanship, which is shown to you by the beautiful finishes and the amazing designs that you see in their product.
Danze faucets will afford you many years of exquisite beauty and a service that is free of problems.
This wall mount faucet retails for about 300 dollars.

These beautiful mini faucets, a product of Elements of Design feature lever handles, ceramic disk cartridges and adjustable reach, as well as about a 2 gallon per minute delivery.
They are made of polished brass, elegant and stylish for your modern or antique bath, and retail for about 100 USD.

This sink mount, brought to you by Price Pfister a leader in plumbing supplies for over a century, is of rustic bronze finish, can be mounted as center set or as a mini spread.

It features style and elegance and retails for just about 200 USD.

Bathroom taps, or faucets can range from about 100 dollars up to about 400, depending on what you want, and waht you are willing to pay for.

The more upscale models will of course provide better service as well as a more full range of style and features.
If you are interested in learning more about bathroom fixtures, pay a visit to Sams Plumbing Supplies.


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