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One of the most practical and most fun items to come along in bathroom renovations in years is the heated towel bar.

I’m personally in love with them, and can’t wait to install the one we just bought.

You can, just by the purchase of one of these innovative new toys from Home Depot, at a cost of about 125.00 USD, or at Menards for about 136.oo USD, take the chill out of coming out of the bath or shower with a towel warmer, that is heated to keep your towel the perfect temperature to warm you up.

They are about three feet long and can hold as many as four or five towels and keep them warm, yet don’t take up a vast amount of room, being just 2 feet wide.

Simply drape your towels over the bars and they will warm in a very short time, stay dry and when you step out of the shower into the cooler room they are ready to warm you instantly. The towel bars are equipped with an on off switch, so that when you don’t need it, the heat will remain off, the unit will use only about 80 watts of power so they are energy efficient and takes no time at all to assemble.

They will add just about 3 dollars a month to your electric utility and are rated for Energy star, so you know they are a good value for the power they use.


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